Kyndra Burton
Kyndra Burton

Artist Statement

Axel Alam is a multimedia artist who primarily works with oil paint and ceramics in their fine art practice. They were born in Ontario, Canada and spent a majority of their life overseas until their high school graduation. They have been living in Victoria, British Columbia since 2018 and will be completing their bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the University of Victoria in June, 2023. Axel’s art practice extends beyond fine art and goes into crafts and performance. They have a special interest in putting functionality in the artwork that they make. Axel likes to play with the idea of surrealism and realism. They also have an extensive history of being in juried craft markets and performing on stage.

Top image: Magenta Flames, 2021. oil on round canvas, 20” diameter. 


Kiera Ariano Stool 2023

Magnolia Skies, 2022. oil paint on canvas, 36″ x 36”.

Misty Greenway, 2022. oil paint on canvas, 16″ x 20”.

Kiera Ariano Staged 2023 installation

Artist Bio

As someone who works with wide range of mediums that are not necessarily fine art, I wonder if I should call myself an artist or something else. I like to blur the line between art and craft, because why shouldn’t craft be considered a piece of artwork? I create unique pieces of out of clay that provide a functional use. I make intricate jewelry, one of a kind candles, and weird oddities. I like to explore functionality and how to pair it with art. 

Aside from the craft aspect of my practice, I am fascinated with oil paint and its malleability. I have only recently discovered oil paint and that has broadened my painting practice. My paintings center around skyscapes and nature. I am enchanted by capturing the way clouds look with my paint. I am especially captivated by the qualities of fire. A lot of my paintings have subjects of flames and wildfires. I think it has a harrowing beauty and I love to explore different ways and techniques of conveying that in my paintings. I am continually exploring my practice through new mediums, techniques and subject matter and constantly pushing my boundaries with experimentation.

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Don’t need to know to feel it

April 15 to 23, 2023